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Electro-Dry Needling: What you need to know.

Electro-dry needling is using a TENs machine, in conjunction with dry needling for a deeper and extremly accurate tissue release. The electrical current applied directly into the muscle, tendon or ligament, via a dry needle, is used to communicate directly with nervous system (brain) which allows the brain to reset the dysfunction / chronic pain pattern.

This is not your typical TENs machine or dry needling treatment.

Most benefical for the following conditions:
-          Chronic pain
-          Back pain (Upper, mid & lower)
-          Neck pain
-          Hip pain.
-          Shoulder pain
-          Scoliosis
-          Bulging discs
-          Numbness, burning and tingling sensations.
-          Carpal tunnel
-          Tendonitis
-          Sciatica
-          Muscle spasms
-          Osteitis pubis
-          Shin splints
-          Plantar Fasciitis
Come and experience the benefits. Stay healthy.


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