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What is the difference between acupuncture and dry needling?

Acupuncture is inserting a dry needle at a maximum of one centimeter under the skin, using meridian lines to target organ dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and pain.                                      
Dry needling is also the application of inserting a dry needle, however, the depth is much further. Often up to 3-10cm.
The deeper needle application allows Myotherapists to work on the cause of the problems rather than treating the symptoms.  

Often the pain, tension or stiffness is caused by deeper trigger point in the muscle that only a deeper needle can reach.
This is used to treat tight muscles, muscle spasms, trigger points, nerve impingements, numbness and tingling, chronic pain in joints and muscles, scar tissue post-surgery, lesion and scar tissue, chronic inflammation and more.
Dry needling can help with the follow conditions:
-          Back pain
-          Neck pain
-          Hip pain
-          Shoulder pain
-          Bulging discs
-          Migraines and headaches
-          Post surgery pain & scar tissue
-          Tendonitis
-          Sciatica
-          Muscle spasms
-          Restricted joints
-          Osteitis pubis
-          Plantar fasciitis
-          TMJ dysfunction
Come try and see for yourself. Stay well!



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